Dante & The Lobster: Marine Life


Hang around in the Twin Cities’ music scene for any period of time and you will hear a lot of the same names thrown around.  Occasionally you hear the same band’s name so many times that they start to seem familiar to you, even if you have never actually heard them play before.  I kind of feel that way about Dante and the Lobster, a band pretty ubiquitous with the local scene, but whom I have somehow managed to avoid ever hearing.  I have finally come around though, after recently getting blown away by “Marine Life,” the fantastic single off of the band’s debut record.  The sound is heavily layered psychedelia that takes a few cues from the carefree summery pop of the 1960’s and slathers them in fuzzy reverb.  It’s a sound that a lot of garage/psychedelic bands are trying to pull off right now, but few are doing it this well.  Suddenly I can’t understand why noone ever pulled me aside before and told me “you have to listen to this band.”  Who else is out there that I have been missing out on?

— Jon Behm

Dante & The Lobster – Marine Life

Dante & The Lobster’s next show is March 6th at the 331 Club


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2 Responses

  1. anonahnah says:

    you’ve probably been missing out on all the bands off the soothing almonds collective label then… http://www.myspace.com/soothingalmondscollective

    velvet davenport, daughters of the sun, and skoal kodiak to name a few.

  2. jonbehm says:

    No- I have heard those other guys multiple times (and like them as well – especially Skoal Kodiak) It is only Dante and the Lobster that somehow I have missed. I will make up for it tonight though as I plan on catching them at the 331

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