Voytek Tour Diary, Part 6

we were able to get a last minute show in new london tonite. after haering all the good things from everyone we know this town have exceedd our expectations. matty has treated us so very well. the show went well. red pens are becoming the best band since my life has begun. i wrote all over dusty”s face with a sharpie. i’m afraid what he might do to me. at the show i called new london, new haven the locals were none too happy about that. they might be upset but matty said we were super punk. like poison idea but not as fat. or i wish we were. i wonder what nick ryan is doin right now. we leave for philly tomorrow and cheese steaks. i’m gonna eat so many.
Well my and Dusty were feeling rough today. We had too good of a time in New London. We recharged with a nice New England breakfast. To prepare us for Philadelphia we listened to some Philly Boy Roy. We got Red Pens to their radio interview and got to see the Dead Milkmen at the station. Then we went out to get some cheesesteaks I ate two of them. Now a quiet evening in a hotel in Lancaster, PA. Before we head out fro our final show in Columbus, Ohio


The Capital Times January 13, 2003 Byline: The Associated Press MILWAUKEE — U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl said he would be willing to sell a majority interest in the Milwaukee Bucks if a qualified person or investor group surfaced.

Kohl, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin, has asked a New York investment banking firm and NBA commissioner David Stern to help him assess the franchise and its value, and help identify people or investor groups that would have an interest in the team, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Sunday.

Kohl has said that he was open to having a minority investor in the franchise, which he bought in March 1985 for $18 million. He has also said he wanted a minority or majority owner who would demonstrate a commitment to keeping the team in Milwaukee.

“I’m not aware of anyone making an offer right now,” Kohl was quoted as telling the newspaper. “David Stern is doing some prospecting.” A spokeswoman for the Bucks said Kohl could not be reached for further comment Sunday.

Kohl said there was no timetable for selling the team, nor did he know who might emerge as an investor.

“I just can’t tell you when it will happen,” Kohl said. “And I can’t assure you whether new ownership will be at 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent or higher.” Kohl said the team’s struggles were not the reason for his decision to seek investors.

“If the team had won a championship last year, I still would have wanted the process to unfold,” he said.

As he has said in the past, Kohl said he wanted a minority or majority owner who would demonstrate a commitment to keeping the team in Milwaukee.

No one could be reached Sunday at the NBA offices in New York by The Associated Press.

Kohl also mentioned Paul Gould of Allen & Company as a key person in any sale of the team. Kohl and Gould have worked before on other investments. in our site kohls coupons printable

“I’ve worked with him for many years,” Kohl said. “His firm also deals with sports franchises. It’s one of the many things they do, and he’s very well-regarded.” Asked whether other Wisconsin investors might be interested in buying a share or majority ownership in the Bucks, Kohl said yes.

“I could rattle off a dozen names, many of whom you would know,” he said. “But I really don’t know what their level of interest is.

“Are there people in the state, in northern Wisconsin, Madison, here in Milwaukee? I hope so.” Two seasons ago, the Bucks were a step away from the NBA Finals. But the team faltered badly last year, missing the playoffs.

This year, the team is struggling with declining attendance and a 16-20 record after Saturday’s victory over the Detroit Pistons.

The value of the franchise is not publicly known, and Bucks officials say the team is losing money.

Last February, Forbes magazine, which annually estimates the value of many sports franchises, estimated the team’s value at $150 million. Bucks officials have said the figure is inaccurate.


Herb Kohl

Adam Bubolz

Writer / photographer / Reviler co-founder

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