Cults: Go Outside


First heard this new track from the highly mysterious band Cults via G vs. B weeks ago, and today the almighty Pitchfork has chimed in as well.  Noone seems to know much of anything about the band other than the fact that they have this great single, “Go Outside” (and a 7” over at their bandcamp page).  Read the P4k review if you want a heady deconstruction – but otherwise just know that it’s a female fronted pop song delivered via some really cheery sounding glockenspiel over a relatively simple bassline.   It makes a great soundtrack to a sunny Spring Friday (or it will once I leave work).

     — Jon Behm

Cults- “Go Outside” MP3

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Additionally, there’s relief for those who have purchased a deal that’s about to expire, moved to a new neighborhood or got dumped before a big date; VIP’s return policy allows one-click, anytime exchanges for purchases made as a member of the program in the form of Groupon Bucks, which are credits that can be used towards the purchase of additional Groupons.

“We’re continually innovating to improve the Groupon customer experience,” said Jeff Holden, senior vice president of product development at Groupon. “In the case of VIP, we asked our customers ‘If you could wave a magic wand and change Groupon in any way, what would you ask for?’ The three main features of VIP were at the top of the list: early access to deals, ability to purchase closed or sold out deals and anytime-refunds.” Groupon began testing VIP earlier last month in select markets with plans to eventually roll out the program nationwide. in our site groupon houston

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  1. Jon says:

    This is a damn good 7″. Really looking forward to their full-length which is apparently coming soon.

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