Balkan Beat Box Coming to the Cedar

Balkan Beat Box puts on one of the best live shows on Earth.  That is why I am so excited that it was just announced that the Gypsy/Israeli/Hip Hop group will be returning to the Cedar Cultural Center on June 4th.  You can expect  the show to be a completely raucous affair with beats so hot they will even get the old folks on stage shaking their asses (see photo above).  It is the Cedar in June though so make sure you bring a sweatband.

      1. Balkan Beat Box - Hermetico

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2 Responses

  1. solace says:

    i bet you’re pretty bummed this is the same night as Caribou:/

  2. jonbehm says:

    I hadn’t realized it until you mentioned it – thanks for ruining my day though, jerk 😉

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