Gayngs: The Gaudy Side of Town

Not really sure what to make of this new Gayngs (Mostly Midwest supergroup consisting of P.O.S., Lookbook, Megafaun, Solid Gold, Bon Iver, and more) single just released today.  They certainly weren’t kidding about the soft rock aspect of their collaboration.  Mike Lewis‘s chilled out saxophone accents here are straight up Kenny G.  Still, the distorted keyboards and reverb-laden vocals (most notably Justin Vernon’s unmistakable wail) bring the tune into the current day and age so that it doesn’t sound like a high school prom in 1993.  Well… ok it sounds a little like a high school prom, but hey, I think that that is what they were going for.  From the sound of this, I think that they may be able to pull it off though it a way that isn’t totally cheesy.

     — Jon Behm

      1. Gayngs - The Gaudy Side of Town

You can check out the new group on May 14th at one of the two shows at First Avenue

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