It is a sad, sad day for music lovers – beloved independent music online radio station WOXY is officially off the air.  Unfortunately the necessary revenue just wasn’t coming in, so as of yesterday the site is no longer broadcasting live.  What is most depressing is that WOXY’s slogan, “the future of rock and roll,” is now so bitterly ironic.  Is the future of rock and roll the bland, market-driven entities of corporate radio? It would appear so.  At least for the time being we still have KEXP to listen to, and to a certain extent 89.3 The Current (not to mention our prized local station Radio K).   

     — Jon Behm

From Woxy.com:

Due to current economic realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY’s operations, we’ve been forced to suspend our live broadcasts as of March 23rd. We’re continuing to explore options to keep The Future of Rock and Roll alive. For business inquiries, please contact Bryan Jay (bryan@woxy.com) or John at Future Sounds (john@futuresounds.com).

Thanks for your years of dedicated support.

Mike, Shiv, Joe, Paige, Brian and Bryan Jay

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