Boris: “Hope”

Multifaceted Japanese experimental trio Boris will be releasing two full length albums this Spring.  And judging by the sound of “Hope,” the single released today off of Attention Please (one of the two) the band may be headed in a more melodic direction.  In contrast to the group’s punk/metal/noise roots, the new tune sounds downright poppy.  The song’s accompanying press release compares it to “Sonic Youth” but “without sounding dated,” and definitely gets the first half of that statement right.  Sounding dated though isn’t always necessarily a bad thing – particularly when we have a fully fledged 90’s revival on our hands in popular music.  Considering that Boris is an actual original 90’s band, this also shouldn’t surprise anyone.  

     — Jon Behm

Boris – Hope

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  1. Adam Bubolz says:

    Excited to download this later, they’re one of my favorite bands going for sure.

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