Crystal Castles With A Cat


More Music Legends with Cats:

Bob Dylan With a Cat (III)

Frank Zappa With A Cat

 olly Parton With A Cat

John Cage With A Cat

John and Yoko With A Cat

Kurt Cobain With A Cat II

John Lennon With A Cat

Danzig With A Cat II

Bono With A Cat

Rod Stewart with a Cat

Slick Rick With a Cat

The Jesus Lizard with a Cat

Joe Strummer with a Cat

Carly Simon With a Cat

Henry Rollins With a Cat

Andrew WK With a Cat

Zach Condon With a Cat

Aaron Neville With a Cat

Madonna With a Cat

Steve Martin with a Cat

Karen O with a Cat

Glenn Danzig with a Cat

Carole King with a Cat 

Thom Yorke with a Cat

Pete Doherty with a Cat

Joey Ramone with a Cat

Joan Baez with a Cat 

David Crosby with a Cat

Joan Jett with a Cat

Freddie Mercury with a Cat

George Harrison with a Cat

Wayne Coyne with a Cat

Brian Wilson with Cats

Morrissey With a Cat

Bjork with a Cat

Bob Dylan with Cats

Keith Moon with a Cat

Dave Mustaine with a Cat

Paul McCartney with a Cat

Kurt Cobain with a Cat

David Bowie with a Cat



Lou Reed With A Dog

Rick Danko with a Dog

Ian MacKaye With A Dog

Linda Ronstadt With A Dog

Kool Keith With A Dog

Barry White With A Dog

Tupac With A Dog

Alice Cooper With A Dog

Shuggie Otis With A Dog

Merle Haggard With A Dog

Stephin Merritt With A Dog

J. Mascis With A Dog

Michael Jackson With A Dog

Iggy Pop With A Dog

Townes Van Zandt With a Dog



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