Hollow Boys "American Modern"

Newish local trio Hollow Boys describe themselves as gloom-pop/glam-punk, and I think that sounds about right. The chilly, post punk leaning, almost new waves songs on their new tape work from the strengths the members honed in their previous groups, including frontman Ali Jaafar’s time fronting Zombie Season, drummer Monica Coleslaw’s time with Hyperslob and Adri Mehra’s time with Sharp Teeth. Below you can stream the song “American Modern,” which is dark, sharp and dripping with reverb in a way that really adds another dimension to the track. The song seems beholden to the dark undertones the sweep throughout the track, but the band really ratchet up the timbre at various points in great, swelling epic pop fashion. These songs will either sound massive or fall completely apart in the live setting, and you can find out tonight as the band are celebrating the release of their new tape tonight with Sundowners, Teenage Strangler and Cadette at the Hexagon Bar.
If the groups glammy pop has piqued your interest, listen to more of their material at their soundcloud page.

01 America Modern by hollowboys


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