Bollywood “Shields”

Bollywood, a new local group who is putting out their debut EP, This is Bollywood, on the Nyteowl-run Everliving Sound label, do not actually sound anything like music from Bollywood movies. Just getting that out of the way. The band plays scuzzy gutter-electro that is waist-deep in seedy underbelly vibes and hazy detachment. The song below, “Shields,” sounds like the melody of “London Calling” dragged through a muddy alley behind a London bar after an especially debauchery-filled night. The five song EP is a testament to the three piece band’s ability to use atmospheric restraint and highlight lead singer Justin Sehorn’s distant and spooky, yet commanding, vocals.   The band is celebrating the release with a show tonight at the Future Presence Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis (poster with details is below).


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