Introducing: Cadette

Formed from members of Baby Guts, the Deaf, and the Yuckies, it’s no surprise that Cadette plays a spit-in-your-face mix of thrashy, firebrand punk and schizo-noise rock. Twanged-out like the Dead Kennedys or Neon Blonde, this local trio of lasses is equal parts vitriol, sass, and affected whimsy.

Cadette is releasing Flesh Without Hunting, a new cassette, TONIGHT at the Hexagon Bar (check out the flier below). Teenage Moods, Hollow Boys, and Animal Lover are supporting. Rad, yo. You can get yourself connected on the band’s Facebook and Tumblr, too.

In the meantime, grab the first track from Flesh Without Hunting below. Appropriately, the 2 minutes of fierceness is called “Animal.”

      1. “Animal” by Cadette

—Will Wlizlo (@willwlizlo)

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