Odd Nosdam – “Kill Tone Two” (Fog Remix)

Lest you forget Cloak Ox frontman Andrew Broder was once a hip hop wildcat, a 2007 remix from Andrew recently unearthed itself on the interwebs. The track in question, which you can hear at the Pigeon Lung Tumblr site, is a wobbler, a dark and subdued remix of the Odd Nosdam track “Kill Tone Two” (which also features Tunde Adebimpe and Yoni Wolf). Broder gives it a hazy, back-alley treatment. The music is heavy and almost drone-y, with sweeping synths and distant drums that crashing like waves against the shore on a moonlit night. Far removed from the weirdo classic rock that Broder & Co. do so well now, the remix is a nice reminder of the versatility of Broder and, if nothing else, a pretty damn cool track.


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