Peaking Lights “Lo Hi” + Lucifer Mixtapes

Peaking Lights last effort 936 was a favorite of Reviler last year, so we (like all music nerds) are very excited for the forthcoming Lucifer LP.  Their new jam will be released the venerable Mexican Summer record label in June, and the band are teasing the release with the single “Lo Hi” and a handful of mixtapes.  “Lo Fi” continues the bands buoyant, deep groove pop dub and stretches out over seven euphoric minutes.  The first three mixtapes (of six!) are the kind of seamless party starters that sound amazing with the windows open and a beer in your hand.  Keep an eye on Reviler for future updates and a full review of Lucifer in the near future.

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  1. Traits says:

    Looking forward to this record.
    Absolute vibes, gimme a peng stick and a frosty one.

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