Me and My Arrow Summer Single Series

Me and My Arrow have been embarking on an adventure where they are releasing a new single every other week, with many coinciding with events the band are taking part in. The latest song is the psyched tinged slow jam “Revolver Reissue,” which was released for their appearance the other day at the Stevens Square Cinema and Civics series. For us slackers who didn’t post it in time it can also help promote the bands appearance tonight at the Radio K Off the Record showcase (also featuring Bollywood and Marijuana Deathsquards) at Hells Kitchen. Since we are perpetually behind here at Reviler, we also missed the first two songs in this series, which you can listen to below. The first was the dark, Islands-esqe pop of “Erazor,” which was a Art-a-Whirl preview, followed by the gentle piano ballad “Danyg,” which was tied to the bands appearance on KFAI. All three songs help to get a good grasp on the bands melody rich, piano driven pop effort and can be streamed below. Look for a new song titled “Disco Elementary” in a fortnight and keep your eyes peeled for this buzzing local group as their summer adventures continue.

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