The Best of 2012: Local Songs



It is that time of year again, folks.  Eggnog, people cutting down trees and putting them in their living rooms, people pretending the sweater they have worn a million times is now ironic and “ugly”—– and lists.  Beautiful, beautiful lists.  We here at Reviler would be remiss to pass up and opportunity to rank, order, catalog and otherwise pontificate numerically our choices for what we thought was the “best” of 2012.  We even invited some of our BFF’s to join the party.  Think we are wrong?  After you hit “send” on the email death threat to us, leave you choices as to why we so wildly missed the mark in the comment section and we can debate things 21st century style.  Over the internet and in our underwear. Mazel tov.

Best Local Songs of 2012


Ali (Egypto Knuckles, Background Noise Crew)

1.  MaLLy & The Sundance Kid “Good One” (Feat. K.Raydio)

2.  TTxBC “Early Morning, Pt. 3

3.  Brother Ali “Mourning In America”

4.  P.O.S. “Bumper”

5.  Polica “Lay Your Cards Out” (Feat. Mike Noyce)

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Tess (Radio K)

P.O.S. “Get Down”

Dark Dark Dark “Last Time I Saw Joe”

Rupert Angeleyes “Saddest Song in the World”

The Chalice “Push It”

Guante & Big Cats “Other”


Zach McCormick (Radio K)

A. Wolf & Her Claws-Zero to 60

Mixed Blood Majority-Fine Print

Guante & Big Cats-Other or The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege

Heiruspecs-Eye for an Eye

L’Assassins-Backseat Bomp

YN Rich Kids-Hot Cheetos and Takis

Audio Perm-Spark One


Josh (Reviler)

(NOTE- only songs that were not on albums that made local top 10)

  1. Brute Heart- Wildfire
  2. Father You See Queen- We Give and Give and You Take and Take and Take and Take
  3. The Chalice- Push It
  4. Is/Is- Lie Awake + Gospel Gossip- Atlantic Blue
  5. Olsen Twins- Are you as happy as I am?

(Honorable Mention: Gigamesh- Don’t Stop, Dark Dark Dark- Tell Me, Bloodnstuff- Give Me a Call)



Jon (Reviler)

  1. Leisure Birds – Silver Runner
  2. POS – Get Down (with Mike Mictlan)
  3. Is/Is – Loose Skin
  4. Food Pyramid – Oh Mercy
  5. Tender Meat – Cockpit Dread
  6. Dark Dark Dark – How It Went Down
  7. Robust Worlds – Best Wishes
  8. Guante & Big Cats! – Until There’s Nothing Left
  9. Tickle Torture – Together Again
  10. MaLLy – Shine

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4 Responses

  1. Lunchbox says:

    the lack of recognition by all the local papers and magazines of Teague Alexy,Jack Klatt and Charlie Parr’s new albums is unacceptable. and the Big Cats record is the only local rap album that actually deserves it’s praise.

  2. Lunchbox says:

    and idc that my comment is for the wrong article. tired of reading these slanted best of lists…

  3. jonbehm says:

    Well lunchbox, I don’t think folk music has ever been guilty of being over-represented in local media, but I haven’t heard the 3 records you mention and I plan on looking into them.

    You are dead wrong about Big Cats! album being the only good local rap album to come out this year though.

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