Stream: France Camp: France Camp + Teenage Moods: Best ‘tudes (Show TONIGHT!)


Two purveyors of frayed-edge garage music have both released new sonic freak-outs on the world in the last couple months, and tonight they party. The guest of honor will be France Camp, a group that formed out of the ashes of Nice Purse. Their debut, self titled (Chrome!) tape is streamlined effort that explores surf and pop and struts through eight high energy songs in a less than 25 minutes. It has fuzzy edges, but the rich melodies burst through the haze and it is clearly the work of a band with lots of talent in their back pockets. This is the kind of release that you look back on in 2 years when they are playing in front of much bigger audiences and realize it was clear from the start they had “it,” whatever “it” is. Stream/buy their new release below from local label Forged Artifacts.

A band on a similar sound but at a bit more long in tooth is the great Teenage Moods, who recently released a retrospective on MJMJ Records. The double tape, titled Best ‘Tudes, captures the bands hazy punk jams, tracks that are deadly serious in their craft but often loopy and irreverent in their delivery. Their live show in incredibly fun, but when you hear their recorded work it becomes clear that this band deserves a place in the long line of Minneapolis bands that can play a sloppy/energetic rock show with the best of them, but have some incredible songwriting chops at their disposal. If you have missed Teenage Moods, stream/buy their latest release below and work your way backwards through their impressive back catalog.

Find out more about the show, also featuring the great Hollow Boys and Frankie Teardrop HERE.

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