Introducing: Sneaky Creeps / Upcoming Show

sneaky creepsLooking for a show to head to tomorrow night (4/4)? Kansas City’s Sneaky Creeps will be in town performing at a house show (it’s one of those deals where you go to the facebook event, ask someone for an address, prove you aren’t a cop with some True Punk cultural references, etc).  Combined with Miami Dolphins as well as Waveless (new band composed of members of  Total Trash) this has the makings of an excellent bill.  Sneaky Creeps are new to me but what I have heard streaming on their bandcamp page is quite good. Their sound is so widespread that it is difficult to identify a core “sound” though the common element that runs through Sneaky Creeps’ music is the lead singer’s spoken/shouted lyricism as well as an off-kilter approach to rhythm/instrumentation.  It’s punk, though with a number of twists that lead in various directions – a little  Slint-esque post-rock here,  dabblings in post-hardcore there, even a more straightforward current of plain old rock music. Listen to the band’s album Negative Space in its entirety below, and if you are a fan you can always buy it here. Or brave tomorrow night’s basement show and maybe pick up a copy for yourself (if they are available).

— Jon


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