Interview with Josh from Flavor Crystals ahead of Thursday’s MinnePsych Fest at Turf Club!


Below you will find an interview with Josh Richardson from Flavor Crystals ahead of the MinnePysch Fest happening Thursday night (4/21) at the Turf Club. The show looks amazing, and will feature seven great bands spread across the Turf delivering mind-blowing psych music. This outstanding show is only $6. More info/RSVP on Facebook HERE. Bands upstairs: The Flavor Crystals, The Cult of Lip, Dead Gurus and Panther Ray. Bands in the Clown Lounge:OAKS, American Cream and Magnetic Ghost.

Flavor Crystals @ the 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN - April 30th, 2015

Flavor Crystals

1. What is the origin behind Minne-Psych?

Josh: Last year, Flavor Crystals were trying to set up a show in the Twin Cities with Chui Wan from Beijing, who we were touring with, and Ryan from the Turf Club wanted to merge it with a date he had booked with Holy Wave. We thought the lineup was pretty killer and definitely psychy. I am pretty sure he coined the phrase and we ran with it. It was a blast and we had a great turnout…especially for a Monday!

2. The term “psych” can be a bit elusive. What does it mean to you and/or Flavor Crystals?

Josh: I agree! Terms like psych or shoegaze often get overused and most bands probably don’t want to be pigeonholed. I won’t complain though…its helped a lot of great fans find us and we have fantastic support from the “psych” community here at home and around the world.

To me, our music is “head music” It dwells in cerebral, ethereal and (hopefully) magical territory. There are unconscious elements….things are allowed to happen that can be disorienting yet pleasurable for the players and the listeners. A lot of psych, shoegaze or experimental music can have this sort of intent, but not always.

3. Thursday’s lineup is a deep and diverse set of bands, what binds them together? How was the lineup chosen?

Josh: Well, this lineup really came together organically and was kind of a joint effort between us and the Cult of Lip, since they are also celebrating the release of their new record on mpls ltd (which is also our label) and we wanted to have a fun local show before our forthcoming performance at Levitation in Austin. In many ways it was more about getting a bunch of bands together that we mutually loved, rather than basing it on “what is the most psychedelic lineup we can think of ?”

All of the bands involved have grabbed a hold of me in some way. I am especially excited about seeing Magnetic North and Oaks, because they are two projects I really love but have limited experience seeing them live. I love watching band play in the Clown Lounge and I’m really excited there will be a rotating lineup to keep everyone on their toes.

I could think of 10 more from the Twin Cities that we wish we could have included. We are pretty lucky to have such a creative scene.

VATS @ Memory Lanes, Minneapolis, MN - April 27th, 2015

The Cult Of Lip

4. You’re heading out on tour with The Cult of Lip. What brought your two bands together and what are you looking forward to on the tour?

Josh: I followed and loved Vats, and the first show they did with Nikki on drums was in my basement with Ringo Deathstarr! The name change came shortly thereafter but in my mind their sound was forged at that moment and we bonded. They are great players and have great live chemistry together. I hear new things every time I see them play. They are also super sweet human beings!

5. Will Minne-Psych continue on? A yearly show? A series?

Josh: I am not 100% sure. It really has been just a “mini-fest” and not a huge curated, high pressure thing. It came together organically and Ryan and the Turf have been kind enough to facilitate it. I’d be all for helping keep it alive!

6. For someone who may not have a feel on what to expect Thursday, what will the show be like Thursday night and why should they check it out?

Josh: I’m feeling giddy already and usually that is a good sign. The bands are rad, you can pick up the Cult of Lip’s EP on Vinyl, and besides that, we have DJ Christian Fritz spinning between sets and probably cracking jokes as well. We will also have some stunning visuals to play along with as well.


Dead Gurus

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