Get to Know the Bands Performing at the Reviler 6.25 Anniversary Party: Crown Larks Edition

Crown Larks @ the Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN - May 7th, 2015

Crown Larks @ the Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN – May 7th, 2015

Reviler is celebrating 6.25 years in the biz by throwing a show at the Triple Rock on 4/29. It will feature Kill the Vultures, Crown Larks, MaLLy, and American Cream. We will spend some time this week highlighting the awesome bands who will be hitting the stage Friday night. Doors at 9pm, tickets are $8 in advance (here) or $10 at the door. Info/RSVP HERE. Hope to see you there!

Chicago based six-piece Crown Larks are the only band on our bill who aren’t rooted in the local scene, but they aren’t from too far away and we know fans will really enjoy their avant-pop sound when they hit the stage at the Triple Rock Friday night (if you don’t know them already!). Oscillating between spaced-out haze and more driving rhythms, the band have a everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to their music. On various songs you’ll find: electric piano, organ, vocals, clarinet, synths, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, flugelhorn saxophone, flute and more. Eschewing traditional pop songwriting, their tracks are a like getting lost in the woods on a sunny afternoon…you aren’t sure where you are going or what you might find, but it is a great adventure. Their music ventures in a couple different directions, from textural jams to jazzy improvisation, but never feels lost. It is smart without losing the groove and layered without losing a playful spirit. The band share a kindred spirit with the freewheeling approach of American Cream, who are also playing Friday, which probably explains why the bands have shared stages before when Crown Larks have passed through town. Stream and BUY all of their great recorded work at their Bandcamp page and join us Friday night at the Triple Rock to catch their stop in town on their current tour as part of the 6.25 Anniversary Party!

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