Listen to Baltimore experimental band Horse Lords excellent new LP (Minneapolis show Wednesday!)

Horse Lords are a band that march to the beat of their own drum, or sometimes even a beat without a drum. A jazzy, wide-eyed exploration of avant pop, the group caught my attention in a big way with their last LP, the amazing Hidden Cities, and are back with a new full length to warp our minds. Interventions is a nine song collection that the band describes as “West African rhythms collide with just intonation guitars, art-fire saxophone, minimalist grooves, and collaged zapdowns,” which does a nice job of summing up their eclectic sound.

Occasionally deep grooves, with some excursions into ambient chirps, it is a record that won’t lose your attention and deserves multiple visits to find all of the vivid textures hiding in the corners. It sounds fresh and exciting on the first listen, and each subsequent visit builds on the last. If you like the sounds you hear below, you can catch the band for what should be an amazing show Wednesday night at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis with great local openers Animal Lover and Larry Wish + his Guys. Facebook invite HERE. Don’t sleep on this!

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