Leisure Birds Interpret Library Music and It’s Amazing (Watch Samples from Forthcoming LP)

The evolution of Leisure Birds, from their reverbed guitars of their first LP to the more space-y incarnation for LPs 2 a& 3 has been a fun journey to witness, and it seems to be only getting better. The group have been commissioned by Black Label Music, as part of an ongoing series in conjunction with Totally Gross National Product, to give their take on Library Music, a outré genre that is an interested sub-genre of ambient and electronic music (it basically is background jams commissioned by libraries in the 60s and 70s for various educational materials). From their last two LPs, it isn’t a stretch for Leisure Birds to venture into mystical and unknown territories using synth and electronic landscapes to provoke feelings from electronic instruments. Walking on the beach? They got you. Floating in space? Easy. Lost in the mountains? No problem. It frankly is an idea that seems so perfect that it is wild it hadn’t been dreamt up yet. You can listen above and below for what they came up with for the Zoom Lens LP, which you can listen to below via Black Label Music to get a sense of how great this project is and to get excited for future iterations from other TGNP acts.

This is going to be a (mellow) scorcher, and we can’t wait to dive into this headphone adventure. Read this interview from band leader Jake Luck about the origins of the songs that they did with the great site IMPOSE. Read it part way down HERE.

Leisure Birds === Return Flight from Black Label Music on Vimeo.

Leisure Birds === Occult Cargo Freighter from Black Label Music on Vimeo.

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