Check out the latest from outre pop kingpin Larry Wish and His Guys, out now on Moon Glyph

With the unsettled times we are living in, Larry Wish’s funhouse pop is a strangely comforting collage of mirrors. For their latest release they have hooked up with the great Moon Glyph label for a wider distribution, much like they did for their release on Orange Milk last year. If you haven’t kept up with LW&HG’s extensive catalog (you should…if not, keep an eye out for a new feature soon), feel free to dip your toe into the water with Not From My Come From and get a taste of his baroque pop stylings. Walking the line between lush, quirky, melodic and madcap, it is cult-pop of the first order, a maze that you may not find the end of but you’ll enjoy as you get lost. Listen below and grab the tape from Moon Glyph or at one of the bands many shows around the Twin Cities. Speaking of…Larry Wish and His Guys are playing for free every Tuesday this month at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown, with a killer lineup this week (1/10) featuring Wild Furth, P • PL and Itch Princess. More info and RSVP to the show HERE. Don’t miss it!

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