Listen to the outstanding “Ashes” from local MC J. Plaza

“Ashes” from local MC J. Plaza captures the kind of power that comes not from faux bravado, but the kind that steels your spirit and can’t be broken by human tribulations. The beat is a soulful tapestry, and the rhymes are a mellow hymn on human existence, a recalcitrant ode to relishing waking up in defiance of a broken system. It is hopeful despite a reality that says we shouldn’t have hope, powerful despite a world that oppresses more people than it lifts up, and clear-eyed despite the fog that clutters our society. It is one of the best songs of an already tumultuous year, and I imagine it will be a balm that soothes many painful moments in the coming months. Listen below and keep an eye out for more from this talented local rapper.

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