Introducing: 4th Curtis / Record Release Show

4th Curtis are a new local trio made up of Lex Noens, Maddie Morley, and Ty Gale who all happen to be trans.  They play a grunge-inflected brand of rock that blends cynical pathos with themes of queer identity, empowerment, and inside jokes.  According to a MN Daily interview, they didn’t initially plan their formation around the fact that they happened to be trans. They developed a stronger sense of that identity due to positive feedback they received from the queer/trans community.  4th Curtis has since earned a strong following, by people who both appreciate their music as well as find their message/identity inspiring.   They will release their debut album I Won the Pageant on 2/24 with the official release show happening a few days later (2/26) with a show at the 7th St. Entry (also featuring Lydia Liza, Tony Peachka, and ahem).  Tickets available here.  

     — Jon


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