Do Look Back: Timber Timbre’s “Hot Dreams” / Show Saturday

Timber Timbre’s music has a cinematic quality to it, as if it were music written expressly to convey a narrative.  It’s dramatic, atmospheric rock n’ roll filled with evocative imagery that conjures a very distinct noir style.  This is never more evident than in the band’s 2014 effort Hot Dreams.      

Hot Dreams consists of ten tracks, each a moody foray into Southern Gothic Blues, Folk, and primitive Rock.  Ghostly mid-century imagery abounds – from the record cover to the lyricism delivered in Taylor Kirk’s distinctive road-worn baritone. It contributes to an overall mood that’s dark, down-and-out, and full of mystery. You can practically see an artfully shadowed Robert Mitchum lighting up a cigarette and coasting around the darkest corners of old Hollywood in these tunes.  
It’s a style that has been tried before, but requires a great deal of gravitas and restraint to actually pull off.  Most bands can’t manage it. In Hot Dreams, however, Timber Timbre finds the perfect balance of effortless cool and mature acumen. Timber Timbre will hopefully perform some of these tunes (as well as songs from their newest LP Sincerely, Future Pollution) tomorrow night at their show at the Cedar Cultural Center.  Tix for the show available here or at the Cedar’s doors. 
     — Jon

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