Weekend Update (Laurel Halo, chloe x halle, Jesse of Pure X, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Nite Jewel, LCD Soundsystem, Laetitia Sadier)

Weekend Update is where we catch up on stuff from outside of Minnesota that has caught our attention, but hasn’t made its way to a post of its own. Basically we are saving lazy music fans a trip to Pitchfork, so you are welcome for that.


Laurel Halo – Jelly
If this is what pop music will sound like in the future, let’s go. Cosmic, trippy, melodic, all wrapped in a strongly beautiful package. Also, everyone else needs to majorly step up their “lyric video” game after this gem.


chloe x halle – the two of us

This sister duo who have gotten a co-sign from Beyonce, which isn’t surprising when you hear their sharp, smart ear-candy pop music. Layered vocals and massive hooks fill out this mixtape, which you may find yourself playing on repeat this summer. Get on board now before they get big enough for stadium tours.


Jesse (of Pure X) – De-pression

Pure X were kings of low-key, powerfully subtle pop music, and Jesse from the band takes that framework to an even deeper conclusion on this track, which has a haunting undercurrent to a pretty, slickly produced track. It seems like the best parts of his old band will continue to show up in his solo work.


Fleet Foxes ” Fool’s Errand” & Grizzly Bear “Three Rings”

It is funny seeing new music and news of giant tours for these bands. I remember seeing Fleet Foxes at the Entry and thinking they weren’t going to be playing tiny rooms for too long, and having similar feelings for Grizzly Bear (although I think my first experience for them was the mainroom), but it is still strange to see how gigantic these bands have become. They seem to continue to deliver on what brought them to the big leagues in the first place, so if you were on board before…


Nite Jewel “Have to let Me Go”

That’s some slick electro-funk pop music. Nite Jewel really pumps some soul and heartfelt emotion into a song build around electronically produced drums and space synth. The bass lines are thick and sumptuous, and the vocals are so sweet you may get a toothache.


LCD Soundsystem “Call the Police”

It is hard when one of your favorite bands of all time does the “comeback” routine. The odds of capturing the same lightening as during their “prime” is unlikely, but they still haven’t lost everything that made them great. This song is a case in point. A churning kraut-pop track of the variety that James and co. have done better than anyone else is solid, interesting and eminently listenable, but I can’t help comparing it to “All My Friends.” Fair? No. But real. Still a great song, especially if you let yourself listen with fresh ears.


Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble “The Woman with the Invisible Necklace”

A few splashes of Stereolab in this track, but former front woman Latititia Sadier crafts a more lush, symphonic pop track than her old band. Her majestic voice still delivers.

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