Listen to Omar Souleyman to help make going back to work suck a little less

Let’s be honest. Long weekends are nice, but getting back to work is brutal. Sure, by the time you read this it was be Wednesday and there are only a few days left in the workweek (at least for those of you tied to a desk), but the first day back after a modicum of freedom is the work equivalent of a hangover. To help address this, we are sharing two videos from the new Omar Souleyman LP ‘To Syria, With Love,’ which is out now on Mad Decent. There are a few songs on the LP that capture the somber mood that the title implies, but the two tracks here are the kind of bristling, synth electro-pop bangers that we know and love from Mr. Souleyman. Hit play, crank up your shitty computer speakers and let the infectious melodies and haywire beats sooth the transition back to work. He built his sound playing weddings across Syria, so if his songs can get people onto the dance floor at weddings, hopefully they can get you moving on a Monday-esqe Wednesday.

Download, stream and buy the whole LP HERE.

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