Karate Break: EP Release at the Triple Rock Social Club Friday, July 28th

Karate Break

Jesus Christ famously said, “Upon this rock, I will build my church.” When you’re dealing with the most excellent of aforementioned rock like Karate Break, then you are sure to have a healthy congregation. What they proselytize is not Grace, but Salvation in the truest sense: think for yourself, and shake your ass while doing it.
Attention!” singer Rebecca Leigh Nordling sings on “Freedom Frenzy”. “You have been misinformed! You are not ugly or fat, you are fine!

Punk is dead (it isn’t); the media is the enemy of the people (true, but for different reasons); and you don’t deserve to be happy.
You might hear a lot these days about how shitty everything is; but if you’re like me and choose not to settle for shit, you might need a break. But don’t reach for some processed sugar bar – take a Karate Break.

July, 2017

Karate Break are actually Raymond De Hont on guitar, Adam Hozempa on bass, Brandon Lentz on drums, and Nordling on vocals. Fans of McLusky, the Clash, and the Bad Brains will revel in the conspiracy rock these Twin Cities cryptozoologists deliver.
Lentz’s manic metronome drums are stepping stones in a hot lava floor for Hozempa’s melodic hop-scotch bass lines, while De Hont’s TV fuzz guitar drills right into your brain to better allow Nordling’s great big billboard voice the access it deserves.

Nordling is not running for office, nor does she wish to save your eternal soul.
“Personally, I want my lyrics to inspire curiosity,” she said via email. “I want to make people search out the strange things society has done throughout history, to look for their own answers by forcing them to ask questions.”
Subtlety certainly isn’t the answer, as Nordling grandstands through these four short and sweet public service announcements with paranoid enthusiasm. Second track “Sea Is Silent” is especially indicative of the current darkest-timeline social climate of collusion and ignorance. Language is Karate Break’s ammunition, and their raconteuring rhythm machine is their tight-knit weapon.

Karate Break will be releasing their first manifesto via CD this Friday, July 28th, at the Triple Rock Social Club. Conspirators include New Primals, Tongue Party, and the Drug Budget. Tickets are available through pre-order for $5; or if you’re too busy deciphering the latest message in your Alphabits to be bothered, you could get them at the door for $7. Music starts at 9:00 PM.

Keep watching the skies!

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis with his wife, cats, and guitars.
Adam Johnson

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