Stream the outstanding funk, dance and pop comp “Pop Makossa – The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976​-​1984”

The amazing folks at Analogue Africa have done it again. Their latest compilation, Pop Makossa – The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976​-​1984, is another collection of songs that it is hard to believe we have haven’t heard before. Deep grooves, infectious melodies, tangled rhythms, and a mind-boggling mixture of genres that blend together into a 12-song-long party. I’ll let the archivists who did all the work share more about the history of this music at their bandcamp page below, but needless to say the 8 years of work they put into making this comp dug up some interesting storylines to accompany the outstanding music. (And, as always, you should buy these comps not just for the music but for the back story they collect and document in the booklets with the releases.) For now, hit play below and soak in the magic of music created nearly 30 years ago that sounds as fresh and exciting as anything released this year.

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