Stream song from forthcoming EP from BLAHA, the garage-pop side project of Blind Shake member Mike Blaha

BLAHA, the project of Blind Shake-er Mike Blaha, is back with a second release of 2017, continuing to prove the Blind Shake crew are the James Brown of the Minneapolis punk scene. Following the debut LP “The Art of Not,” BLAHA will be releasing a 3-song EP Fresh Horse in September, again teaming up with the great garage-punks label Slovenly Records. The first song released from the EP, “The Day We Were Born,” is a (relatively) mellow track that is as sweet and gentle as anything I’ve heard from a Blind Shake-related project. A song that is more buzz than fuzz, there is more jangle and growl, and the vocals are way up in the mix. Featuring lyrics that are direct and testimonial, the song is closer to the “singer-songwriter” genre than the usual “punk” category the band and their offshoots generally fit into. The label called it “moody,” but I actually have found the BLAHA material to be more candid and chill, both in tone and temperament. Check it out below and pre-order the 7′ in limited edition purple now before it runs out.

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