Weekend Update (Four Tet, Cut Copy, Liars, Jlin & Zora Jones, Dizzee Rascal, Skepta)

Weekend Update is where we catch up on stuff from outside of Minnesota that has caught our attention, but hasn’t made its way to a post of its own. Sometimes we even post it on the weekends, but we won’t make any firm promises on timeliness. Basically we are saving lazy music fans a trip to whatever other music sites you go to, so you are welcome for that.


Four Tet “Planet”

Glistening, propulsive electronic pop soundscape for a producer who had made some of the best glistening, propulsive electronic pop soundscapes over the last decade or so. Settle in for the seven minutes and let the sound wash over you.


Cut Copy “Airborne”

Cut Copy go full on with the mellow gold electronic pop, shimmering through a track that would have sounded at home on that last Daft Punk album. No Niles Rogers, but a warm glow of bright guitars and charming synths that make this an easy to listen to track, even if it isn’t their most exciting work.


Liars “Coins in My Caged Fist”

Liars come in a a bit less polished than the first two tracks, rolling out a scratchy, noisy dirge that finds the veteran noisemakers returning to their funhouse-on-acid template they’ve used over the years to great success. You can also listen to the more somber “The Grand Delusional” HERE


Jlin & Zora Jones “Dark Matter”

Two big names in the left-field electronic world come together for a twitchy, warped footwork track that will bend your brain and move your feet.


Dizzee Rascal – Wot U Gonna Do?

One of the godfathers of grime comes back as the latest generation of rappers are vying for his crown, and gives us this song to show he isn’t going away quietly. He’s a rascal.


Skepta “Hypocrisy

Another grime vet who released this intense standalone track earlier this year, and now he has a retro video for the song that calls out the hypocrisy that is swamping our culture. Exciting times for grime music, both with vets like Skepta and Dizzee, but also with new standard-bearers like Stormzy and J Hus.

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