Listen to two songs from local garage pop group Sass’s new CS (release show Saturday!)

Local four-piece Sass make music that is fuzzy while still soaked in melodies, thorny and complicated while still being catchy, and rough around the edges while still being sharp and thoughtfully contstructed. It is good stuff, and the band are now releasing their debut CS wet paint. You can listen to “Spolied by Rotten” off a recent Radio K In-Studio session above and “Velvet” below, both of which highlight their angular melodies and strong songwriting chops. Both songs are the kind that have instant appeal, but are constructed in a way that you won’t get burned out after a couple of listens. I’m excited to hear the whole tape.

The group will be celebrating the release of their new tape Saturday at the Triple Rock with a killer lineup featuring Catbath, Wetter & Tact. More info/RSVP HERE.

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