Not From Here Album Release at 331 Club w/ Crash Cuddle+Things That Loud, Nov. 3rd

Modern mathy classicalists Not From Here will be releasing their latest self-titled album on CD tonight, November 3rd at the 331 Club.

Picking up where Jokes On, Jokes Off (2015) left off, Not From Here gives credence to the “rock” part of “instrumental rock” while maintaining the chamber-esque elegance of a baroque trio. Fans of Dirty Three or Grails will find something familiar to ground them before Not From Here take off into space like the unique satellite they are. Guitarist/violinist Leif Petersen, cellist Amy Waller, and drummer Ben Iburg have found a truly inimitable sound that is engaging, exciting, and definitely worth every obsessive listen.

Not From Here will be joined in the delivery room by the dynamic duo of Crash Cuddle.
Although their first full-length, KLAXON (2017), blipped its way into orbit on Halloween, friends and family will have to wait for a proper yet-to-be-determined date-of-birth. Much like their self-titled debut EP, KLAXON pulses with cybernetic dynamics. Charles Duda’s multi-effected guitar takes duel lead with Garrett Benson’s capricious drums and cuts quite a shag rug. Fans of Mogwai or As I Watch You From Afar should feel comfortable in the whirlwind these very capable boys kick up. Informing the listener’s dancing shoes as well as their banging head, Crash Cuddle bring some roman candle to the firework ensemble of the evening.

Dreamy duo Milan and self-evident mis-mash Things That Loud will be rounding out an all instrumental evening that will make you think as much as damage your hearing. All that jazz starts at 10:00 PM. Catch it!

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis with his wife, cats, and guitars.
Adam Johnson

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