Friday Five (Strange Relations, Kazyak, Black Market Brass feat Siama Matuzungidi, Invisible Boy, GainesFM)

We know you come to Reviler for the most hip, groundbreaking and up-to-date local music recommendations, so each Friday we will be bringing you the five very best music videos of this week, ever, of all time. Well, it may not always be five. And the videos may be old. And sometimes they may just be cool UnderCurrentMPLS videos from the vault. But other than that, get ready for the hippest, most cutting edge music coming out from the Minnesota scene each and every Friday. Or whichever day we get around to posting it.


Strange Relations “Say You”

Polished indie pop from a duo that feels like they are teetering on the edge of leaving the warm confines of being “local” and entering the gaping maw of national attention. Rich melodies, stringy guitar lines and a glossy coat of production lead to some first-class ear candy.



Kazyak “Sundial”

Earnest folk pop that isn’t going to ruffle any feathers. The somewhat disorienting, overlaid viewpoint video can’t even take away from the pristine guitar, drums, bass and keyboard mellowness of the track.



Black Market Brass featuring Siama Matuzungidi @ Brew N Stew Chicago Ave Arts Fest 10.14.17

The always righteous Black Market Brass Band joined by Siama Matuzungidi on guitar and vocals for a funky jam from last month. UndercurrentMPLS with the live black and white video, which gives it an even cooler vintage vibe.



Invisible Boy – “All the Kids”

We all know and love Chris Bierden of the dearly departed Vampire Hands (and also a bunch of other bands that still play), and he has constantly used his solo side project Invisible Boy to create some yearning, Neil Young gone C86 shiny pop. A woozy animated video is a nice fit with this gentle piano ballad.


GainesFM – “Blame ft. Shawn Lyricz”

I didn’t know GainesFM, but saw Toki Wright post this song and some national attention it is getting, so I decided to check it out. Triplet high hats, heavy effects on the vocals and some deep synth bass lines…so it fits right into the current rap zeitgeist. If your local rap game doesn’t expand beyond Rhymersayers or Doomtree, be ready for something a bit more bombastic with this song.

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