Video: Mogwai “Coolverine” off their latest LP ‘Every Country’s Sun’ (Minneapolis show TONIGHT!)

Post-rock legends Mogwai have a catalog that can be put up alongside any of their peers, and they have a knack for making music that is clearly their sound without losing the swelling, anthemic nature that made them create such a splash with their debut LP Young Team over 20 years ago.

Case in point is the dramatic swells of “Coolverine,” which you can listen to above, which comes off their latest LP Every Country’s Sun. The record dropped earlier this fall on Rock Action Records and now the Scottish band are out on a national tour. You can also see the band tonight (Friday, Dec. 1) in the First Avenue mailroom with great dark electronic artist Xander Harris opening up. Bring your earplugs. More info on the show can be found HERE.

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