Tal National – Akokas

Tal National played one of my favorite shows ever that also doubles as my most depressing show ever. The Niger highlife/afrobeat group played at the short-lived Belmore in downtown Minneapolis along with another favorite of mine, Chicago krautrock band Cave, with an opening set from the local garage rock revivalists Mr. Hide. It was an amazing bill, and was one of the best shows, top to bottom, that I’ve ever seen. And maybe 25 people were there. You can read my thoughts on that show HERE, but I’m thankful Tal National didn’t let our city’s embarrassing turnout stop them from chugging forward. (It may stop them from ever coming back here, though.)

With all of the bad news behind us, Tal National is back with a new 12″ that is coming out on Febrarury 9th, which you can get a colorful taste of above via a recently released video. “Akokas” shows the band’s kinetic, rollicking, rock-infused take highlife, which is as spirited and commanding as ever. Honestly…try listening to this and staying still, even in the cold tundra of Minnesota. I can’t wait to hear the whole LP, which the band says features seven vocalists over the eight tracks. Pre-Order the record, which drops Feb 9th, HERE, and hope that they’ve forgiven our based transgressions and will come back to perform here in the Twin Cities. 

Side note: the band’s back story is worth reading. Just amazing. 

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