Blackthorne, Strange, New Primals, Karate Break @ the Hexagon, Saturday, Feb 17th

Get your asses down to the Hexagon this Saturday, for Christ’s sake. For real – read the above headline again, take a minute to think about that lineup, and then clear your schedule for this Saturday, February 17th.


Holy shit!

Look at that! I’ve written about each of these bands over the last year, so while I can’t take immediate credit for this show I at least find satisfaction in this particularly awesome coalescence.

Be the cool kid in class and hear new Blackthorne tunes before they’re put into the ether forever and ever. Get some Strange in your diet in between Cysters shows. New Primals are there, too; and I’m to understand they have a second guitarist (any tornado that picks up more debris is only more interesting, right?). And Karate Break?

Shut the front door.


Remember to buy drinks on the venue side while you’re enjoying all of this local music. Practice spaces and Jack’s pizzas don’t pay for themselves, people…

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis with his wife, cats, and guitars.
Adam Johnson

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