Stream Jennie Lawless’s New “Two Songs” EP / Show Wednesday

You might remember Jennie Lawless as the lead vocalist behind dreamy pop band Warehouse Eyes.  Lawless has since headed down the solo artist path and recently released her debut EP Two Songs.  I will give you two guesses how many songs are on it.  Yes, it’s a pretty short even by EP standards. But it’s a good showcase of Lawless’s solo sound – synthy, ethereal dream pop with good production value and, of course, Lawless’s rich vocals.  In fact, it’s really not all that dissimilar to her old band, and anyone who is/was into Warehouse Eyes would doubtlessly be drawn to Lawless’s tunes for the same reasons.   

Jennie Lawless will perform this Wednesday, opening for Andy Cook at the 7th St. Entry (tix here / more info here). 

     — Jon


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