First Avenue

First Avenue


(612) 338-8388

Venue: First Ave is the center of the Twin Cities’ music community and a legendary rock club.  The club is housed in an old downtown bus depot, and is one of Minneapolis’s largest non-stadium clubs.

Booking: First Ave features popular national touring acts and make well-informed booking choices – from music of all genres.   If that new popular Indie band is coming through town, chances are they are headlining here.

Concert Experience: First Ave has good sightlines, good lighting, and a well situated high stage.  A second level balcony hugs the stage, and several small bars are available for drinks.  The venue can often get quite crowded, making it difficult to get around.  Everyone stands for shows, though there are a few tables around the perimeter of the club.

Drinks: Unfortunately the drinks at First Ave are ludicrously expensive, with beers starting at nearly five bucks apiece for the cheap stuff.  The club takes credit cards, but will charge a 10% “convenience fee” on top of your regular bill.

The Staff: First Ave’s staff deal with a lot of drunk assholes, making them as a whole a little standoffish.  They take a very “no bullshit” attitude and you probably won’t find service with a smile.  Bouncers roam the club during shows looking for rule-breakers, and to their credit, will not hesitate to put a stop to idiotic behavior.

Parking: Yeah, no

The Inside Scoop: Occasionally you can pay a dollar to be able to cross into First Ave’s twin venue, the 7th St. Entry.  If you plan on drinking a lot, cross over to the Entry for 2.75 PBR’s (until 11pm) and you can bring them back with you.