Best of 2013.5 (Local Albums)

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3 Responses

  1. Adam Bubolz says:

    Didn’t get a list done but it’d have STNNNG, STNNNGVRMNT and Real Number 12″ to start

  2. Hunter says:

    WOW, growing up in the 80’s and still looking for some fantastic music, these choices really let me down. And no, I’m not too old…your music choices sucked!

    Emo, shoe gazing, terrible rap, ambiance, and whatever that Brute Heart was*shakes head*…Either you want to hibernate to what you picked for a very long, cold, depressing winter or take too much heroin or meth. Wow just Wow, the *Cities* used to have such a vibrant and talented local scene…If this is your best, the parties over.

  3. DESSA says:


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