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Hey, new Andrew Broder! Get lost in the crackling soundscapes of ‘Cousin Mask’

I’m a fan of pretty much everything Andrew Broder is part of, so there is literally no lag time between me seeing he has new music out and me knowing it is going to be something I really like. Whether Fog, Cloak Ox, hip hop beats, ambient, electronic or if he decided to take up the kazoo, I know it is going to be good. The latest proof of this being a correct theory is the short but mercurial EP Cousin Mask, a warped trip down a electronic rabbit hole. The record melds cold, share edges with colorful sonic palettes, creating a twitchy world of dream-like tracks that have been a perfect soundtrack for watching fall creep into our lives. You can steam and buy the EP below from Broder’s bandcamp page.

josh keller :Writer / co-founder