Station 4

Station 4


(651) 298-0173

Venue: Station 4 is a small, out of the way downtown St. Paul dive near the Lowertown neighborhood.

Booking: Some punk and metal touring bands, lots of locals, generally not huge names (the bigger ones are usually scooped up by the Triple Rock).

Concert Experience: Station 4’s small stage is located in a boxy little room off of the main bar.  It is popular amongst younger people, particularly of the “wear black all the time” crowd.  Sound isn’t great, neither are the lights.

Drinks: The regular assortment of limited beer, wine, and spirits.

Staff: Can be a little surly, but nothing serious.

Parking: Not easy, but not as bad as downtown Minneapolis. There is street  parking but you might have to walk a few blocks.

The Inside Scoop: The perfect place to wear your older brother’s old Pantera t-shirt.