Best of the Decade / Helen Teague / Local Albums

Helen Teague – Local Albums

Wetter – Late Bloomer RIP IN PIECES! Great little band while it lasted. They were making some really great shit.
Devauta Daun – Look Still considering this local even tho she moved. I’m in a fast car, I’m in control of my life (what I think when I hear this album)
Rupert Angeleyes & Joey Joey Michaels – self titled THIS SPLIT/COLLAB!!!!!!!!! SO DREAMY AND WILD. Also not here anymore. But it was SO GOOD WHILE THEY WERE HERE!
Wealthy Relative – Not heaven Dan has some of the best visuals, sound, and brand in town. I love it. Gameboy-y songs with a buncha rapping/slamming on top? Perfect combo.
The Florists – Prayer Starter I consider them the local Ought, it’s something different from all this like bedroom pop shit and I love it.
Mrs. – City ANOTHER REST IN PIECE TO THIS BAND I miss them every day. It’s fast! FAST! SO FAST! COME ON WHO’S VOICE IS EVEN SOUNDING LIKE THIS! NO ONE! Sassy sassy sassy sassy
John Maus – Screen Memories Is he local? I’m saying he’s local I don’t care you can’t stop me. Just like how you can’t stop him when he’s screaming into his mic and sweating. I relate to that a lot.
Controversial New Skinny Pill – Location Location Locations THE FUNKIEST GROUP, I truly don’t hear anything else like this out there, this group has STYLE and shit you can dance to, I don’t know what I’d without their funk.