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Jon Behm – Local Albums

Brute Heart – Lonely Hunter Oh Brute Heart. I know you will probably never get back together but I still pine for your sound. Such a singular and unique band that I am still amazed never became more famous.
Food Pyramid – Mango Sunrise Food Pyramid were one of the great local bands of our time – and another that never really caught on in the way I assumed they would. I was and am not still a cassette guys so this is only only album of theirs I own in a physical format (luckily it’s also my favorite).
Uranium Club – Human Exploration Totally missed this the year it came out but when I got with the program it utterly blew my mind. It’s super manic and weird, yet instrumentally incredibly tight. Punk music as it should be.
Leisure Birds – Globe Master I am a sucker for a good space opera, obviously, and this record continues to impress. Another band I miss a ton.
Wolf Blood – II This just came out this year but I’m ready to make it canon. I don’t really like a lot of Metal but somehow this hits a sweet spot I didn’t know I had.
The Blind Shake – Seriousness The Blind Shake are one of my all-time favorite bands and this is probably my favorite release out of a lot of good ones. If there is any justice in the world these guys will go down in local history as legends.
Loud Sun – LOUD Andrew Jansen is a bit of an enigma to me – I know almost nothing about him other than he’s Loud Sun (amongst other things) and he created this incredible album of lo fi pop.
Dua Saleh – Nur Another one from this year and a damn good one. Local rapper Duah Saleh’s debut has stood out in a year that has seen many great local releases. Plus they are an amazing performer.
Mother of Fire – Feral Children This is another band that doesn’t seem to be active any more which is a shame. Mother of Fire were a force of nature, chaotic, beautiful, intense. They were like nothing else.
The Controversial New Skinny Pill – Location Location Location My favorite new band of the last five years or so – TCNSP continues to impress with each release but this 2016 is my fave.
Real Numbers – Wordless Wonder Yeah, I gave myself an extra album here. Wouldn’t feel right leaving out this 2016 gem of perfectly executed lo fi jangle rock.