Turf Club

Turf Club


(651) 647-0486

Venue: The Turf is one of St. Paul’s few popular rock clubs and has been part of the Midway neighborhood for years.

Booking: The Turf is divided between local and semi-popular touring bands.  They generally book pretty solid acts, with a lot of bands coming through there that go on to bigger venues.  The venue is more rock oriented, but bands of all stripes pass through.

Concert Experience: The Turf has a main stage upstairs where the music generally takes place, though sometimes the tiny space in the basement is utilized as well.  The club is well designed with good sightlines, decent sound, and well-positioned lighting.  Though there is a wall behind the stage, a hallway behind it nearly gives 360 degree access to it. The Turf would probably be the best music club (not to mention one of the best bars) in town if only they accepted credit cards.  There is an ATM though on-site if you feel like paying a big fee to access cash.

Drinks: There are a wide assortment of beers and spirits, and a few wines.  The drink specials may as well not exist, but PBR’s are always three dollars and are a popular option.

Staff: Generally just the bartenders who generally do a decent job of keeping everyone soused and happy.

Parking: Parking on the street behind the club is generally not too difficult.

The Inside Scoop: If you have to do a deuce, you would be advised to hold it – the Turf’s bathrooms are not for the squeamish.