Pure Ecstasy “Easy” & “Voices”


Pure Ecstasy sound like a walking infomercial for the kind of bubbly, distant pop music that is being created in and around the Underwater Peoples scene on the East Coast right now. With the two songs they have released via 7” records, “Easy” and “Voices,” the group is proving to be more than just a band that is tagging along for the ride as the chill wave genre gets its 15 minutes of fame. Especially on “Voices,” the band sound like a group warping classic pop music through a waterfall of effects to tantalizing results. While there already is some backlash against the genre, bands like Pure Ecstasy should help to solidify its standing and are a band who are going to be making some very big waves in the near future.

      1. Pure Ecstasy - EASY
      2. Pure Ecstasy- Voices

     -Josh Keller

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  1. Jon says:

    Really hope this band starts to get more recognition. Awesome, awesome music.

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