The Juan Maclean "Feel So Good"


“Feel So Good,” the first track off the The Juan Maclean curated DJ Kicks mix, is the kind of track that serves to entrench music fans already concluded opinion.  If you come into the track a fan of House/Techno music, this is a riveting track that serves to show why TJM are masters at what they do.  If you don’t come in with a positive disposition to the aforementioned genre, this song will probably only solidify your feelings.  They will probably center around “repetitive,” “boring” and some sort of stock statement regarding taking ecstasyand dancing.  Either way, this song isn’t going to be the bridge that connects the two camps, but I suppose most 10 minute dance mixes aren’t created as olive branches to the soft rock music fans of the world.  The album will drop April 27th.

The Juan Maclean- Feel So Good (leave your email address and you’ll get the song as a free download)

     -Josh Keller

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Readers Write; LETTER OF THE DAY; Minnesota’s diverse future was on display at graduation.(NEWS)

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) June 14, 2011 On Friday, I attended the first commencement at the new Chanhassen High School. As student council president, my granddaughter, Grace Peterson — a wonderful young woman with a great Minnesota name, speaking perfect English — opened the ceremony with a brief welcome to her 340 graduating classmates and to those in attendance. A very personal moment for her grandfather; went straight to the heart. in our site chanhassen high school

Immediately after, however, something occurred that was memorable and important for our whole society. Eight of Grace’s senior classmates, most of them honor roll students like her, gave the same welcome. In their native tongues. Icelandic. Vietnamese. Italian. Laotian. Spanish. Russian. Arabic. Cambodian. Names like Einarsson, Le, Palillo, Sisombath, Becerra-Balbuena, Gudimov, Othman and Seng. this web site chanhassen high school

Chanhassen is not Minneapolis or St. Paul, where this kind of diversity is even more common. It is one of those relatively better-off suburbs, which are changing, too. Is it not time for all of us to recognize the changing face of Minnesota, get used to it, accommodate it, relish it? These kids are our future. We fail to recognize what they can bring to the party at our peril.


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