Listen Black Market Brass Band’s funky afrobeat on “Half a Cig” (Release show TONIGHT!)


Local fans have probably run across the funky, afrofunk sounds of Black Market Brass Band on various stages across the Twin Cities over the last few years, and some of us may have even accidentally started dancing to their deep, funky, horn-driven grooves. After previously releasing a 45 on Secret Stash, the band are back with their debut full-length on the label. The group began by covering obscure afrofunk/afrobeat songs, and have soaked in those influences in the process of creating a righteous LP of original jams. Below you can sample one song from the record, the bright and jubilant “Half a Cig,” and you can hear much more from the band at their CD release show (a vinyl pressing is coming in the future, I believe) tonight at the Turf, where they will be joined by PHO . The whole LP is fun, spirited and an outstanding take on a wonderful genre of music. As our days get shorter and the weather gets colder, these warm and effusive tunes should help lift up spirits as we head into hibernation.

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