Flashback Friday: An Intro To godheadSilo (Show Tonight!)

Before bands like Lightning Bolt terrorized audiences with the 2 piece drums/bass wall of sound in the early 2000s, there was godheadSilo. Formed in 1991 in nearby in Fargo but soon relocated to Olympia, leaving the fertile noise rock scene of 90s Fargo that spawned bands like Hammerhead (who they did an early split 7″ with) for Olympia’s also fertile scene which was responsible for other kindred spirits like Karp. The band’s debut album The Scientific Supercake was released by Kill Rock Stars in 1993 which starts to develop the band’s sound mixed in a little bit of humor and interludes before the record’s closing 11 1/2 minutes of drone. A few 7″s and comp tracks are collected on the Elephantitus Of The Night CD on Kill Rock Stars. The band signed to Sub Pop and 1996’s classic Skyward In Triumph sounds even bigger and beefier than it’s predecessors and centers around the 15 minute opus “Guardians Of The Threshold”. (Left off our playlist for time) They released on more album on Sub Pop (1998’s Share The Fantasy) before taking a 17 year hiatus after drummer Dan Haugh injured his arm severely in a freak accident. In 2015 they played their first show since the 90s in Fargo and currently are doing a 10 show tour across the midwest and east.

We’ve assembled 15 tracks to get you in the spirit for tonight so you don’t miss what probably is your only chance to see.

Godheadsilo play the Turf Club tonight Corey J Brewer and Novacron. Tickets and more details on the website.

Adam Bubolz

Writer / photographer / Reviler co-founder

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