400 Bar

400 Bar


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Venue: The 400 Bar is a longstanding West Bank dive that historically has tended to focus more on National touring acts, but recently started featuring more local talent.

Booking: The 400 tends to book more folk and alt country oriented acts, though they will occasionally throw in a wild card.

Concert Experience: The crowd generally skews older, though it all depends on what band is playing.  The bar is split into two main areas, both small, with the stage area maybe twenty feet wide.  The venue’s sound can be good for quieter acts, but the louder ones generally sound messy.  Lighting is pretty much non-existent.  Music generally starts late and goes late.

Drinks: Drinks are a bit on the spendy side – but at least the bar recently started accepting credit cards. The bar also recently started posting drink specials – $2.95 PBR tall boys and Hamms pints.  

The Staff: The staff at the 400 have been there a long time and know what they are doing.  They generally do not suffer fools lightly and won’t hesitate to dress you down if you step out of line.

Parking: Lot across the street has three dollar parking.  Good luck finding some place for free anywhere near.

The Inside Scoop: The Kilimanjaro Café is right across the street and serves huge five dollar gyros